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TAL Effector Nucleotide Targeter 2.0


About the website

TALE-NT is a freely available tool for designing pairs of TAL effectors for TAL effector nucleases (TALENs) to target a specific gene sequence.

Additionally, TALE-NT provides tools to design single TAL effectors to bind to a DNA sequence, and to identify binding sites in a DNA sequence for a given TAL effector.

The TALE-NT website was created and is maintained by The Bogdanove laboratory at Cornell University.

Check back often as we continue to develop the website.

How to Cite TALE-NT

If you use the website to design TALENs or TAL effectors, or to identify binding sites for a TAL effector, please cite the following papers:

Doyle E.L., Booher, N.J., Standage, D.S., Voytas, D.F., Brendel, V.P., VanDyk, J.K., and Bogdanove, A.J. (2012) TAL Effector-Nucleotide Targeter (TALE-NT) 2.0: tools for TAL effector design and target prediction. Nucleic Acids Res. doi: 10.1093/nar/gks608.

Cermak, T., Doyle, E.L., Christian, M., Wang, L., Zhang, Y., Schmidt, C., Baller, J.A., Somia, N.J., Bogdanove, A.J., and Voytas, D.F. (2011) Efficient design and assembly of custom TALEN and other TAL effector-based constructs for DNA targeting. Nucleic Acids Res. 39:e82.


The TALE-NT website was developed with the assistance of the BCB lab.


Funding for TAL effector nuclease work is supported by the following sources:

The National Science Foundation (DBI 0820831 to A.B.)