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TAL Effector Nucleotide Targeter 2.0

Resources and Protocols

Reagents and Protocols

Our protocol for designing and building TAL effectors and TAL effector nucleases (TALENs) is available in Cermak, et al. (2011).

The complete set of plasmids used for building custom TALEN and TAL effector constructs is available through the non-profit repository AddGene.

A detailed PDF protocol for Golden Gate TALEN assembly using these reagents is available on the AddGene website and can be downloaded here.

Click here for the protocol in outline form, preferred by some users.

Aids for assembling custom TAL effector constructs:

Golden Gate TAL assembly form
This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, for use with the Golden Gate TALEN and TAL effector kit above allows users to input an RVD sequence and select the backbone vector, then outputs in a printer-friendly format the modules needed to assemble the construct, the volumes for the reactions needed, and the fully assembled nucleotide sequences of the intermediate subarray constructs as well as the final construct. A handy tool for the bench! Created by Clarice Schmidt of the Bogdanove laboratory.

TAL Plasmids Sequence Assembly Tool
This online tool is another good option for sequence confirmation of custom TAL effector constructs assembled using the Golden Gate TALEN and TAL effector kit. Created by Eli Fine at Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University.

Other sites and discussion groups is an open resource for TAL effector protocols, reagents, references, and tools. is a discussion forum for users of TAL effector based technologies.

If you have a tool or link you would like to share here, please email edoyle[at]

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