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TAL Effector Nucleotide Targeter 2.0

Finding an NCBI ID to use for TALEN Targeter and Target Finder

  1. Go to the NCBI Genome search page and enter the name of the organism you want to use.
  2. On the next page you should see a summary page about the organism. Halfway down the page should be a table that looks like this:
    Xanthomonas oyzae assembly summary table
    Any assembly with a filled in circle in the 'Status' column should work.
  3. If your organism has multiple chromosomes and the text in the 'Assembly' column is a blue link, click the link. On the next page, copy the text following "GenBank Assembly ID" or "RefSeq Assembly ID":
    Oryza sativa assembly url bar

    If your organism has a single chromosome and the text in the 'Assembly' column is not a blue link, click the link in the 'Chrs' columns. On the next page, click any of the search results. On the next page, copy the ID from the line below the sequence title:
    Xanthomonas oyzae assembly url bar

  4. Paste the copied ID into the 'NCBI ID' field on TALEN Targeter, Target Finder, or Paired Target Finder to search that assembly.